Become a Vendor

To become a vendor on Tor2door, you must comply with the following rules: 

  1. Pay a non-refundable vendor bond of $500. Just in case you’re someone who has a well-established reputation, you can ask for a waiver and it will be free for you. 
  2. Selling child porn, prostitution, poison, fentanyl, murder services, and weapons is prohibited. 
  3. PGP and 2FA is compulsory for all the vendors. 
  4. Digital orders auto-finalize in 48 hours. 
  5. Physical products auto-finalize in 14 days. 
  6. Doxxing is strictly not allowed.
  7. Product information must not mislead customers. 
  8. All communications must go through the marketplace. If you try to sell outside the marketplace and admins detect it, you’ll be banned without any warnings because Tor2Door is running based on commissions. 

Step By Step Process to Become a Vendor 

Step 1: If you agree to follow these rules, click on ‘Become a Vendor’ and select ‘I have read and accepted the rules mentioned above.’ When that’s done, click ‘Proceed.’ 

Step 2: Enable 2 factor authentication.  

Step 3: Put your PGP key and enable two factor authentication. 

Step 4: Buy vendor status for $500 or apply for Bond Waiver. 

That’s it, once you fund the initial deposit, you’ll be able to list your items.