Tor2Door Market Full Guide

In this Tor2Door guide, you’ll discover the best tactics to find your way around this platform. 

So without any further ado, let’s discuss every single point that can help you learn everything about the Tor2Door darknet marketplace. 

  • Registration 
  • Deposit 
  • Exchange BTC to XMR or Vice-Versa
  • Place an Order 
  • What to do if vendors try to scam you? 
  • Become a Vendor (optional)


  1. Visit the Tor2Door main page using this link: 
  1. Click on ‘Create an Account.’ 
  1. Fill all the details such as display name, personal phrase, username, password, etc. 
  1. Are you seeing a mnemonic like this on your screen? Well, this is the last time you’re seeing it. Make sure you save it so that you can recover your account later.  
  1. Once you have stored it, click on ‘I’ve stored my mnemonic somewhere else’ and that’s it, you have successfully signed up and must be on the homepage, which looks like this: 


Once you go to the wallet section, you’ll realize that Tor2Door market supports XMR as well as BTC.  Before you buy anything on the Tor2Door market, it’s important for you to deposit. Otherwise, you won’t be able to buy your favorite items. To deposit money, go to the ‘wallet’ section and copy that address. 

Now after copying that address, put that in your BTC exchange or wallet and send money from there to here. If you want, you can even use the QR code feature, which will make it easier obviously. 

Exchange from BTC to XMR or Vice-Versa

Although Tor2Door takes 2% to exchange your BTC into XMR, it will be worth it in the long run. Compared to BTC, XMR is hard to trace. Sometimes, even the marketplace admins can’t trace it. That’s why many darknet marketplace owners don’t let their users use XMR as a mode of payment. 

If we talk about exchanging, you can go to the ‘wallet’ section and select the third option ‘exchange’ from the tabs you’re seeing on top. 

Select ‘BTC’ in From and ‘XMR’ in To. Just in case you want to convert your XMR into BTC for some reason, you can do the opposite. 

Put how much you want to exchange in the value, and that’s it. 

Place an Order

We’re assuming that you already have deposited money in your wallet. If not, make sure you deposit before going through this step by step process: 

  1. Pick an item. For instance, we’re adding this one to cart. 
  1. Once it’s added to the cart, you’ll see a little green strip like this one. Click on ‘checkout’ to proceed further. 
  1. Review everything and click on ‘Checkout.’ 
  1. Now choose your preferred currency, put your PIN, shipping address in the order note, and ‘confirm’ your order. Remember, encrypting the order with the seller’s PGP key wouldn’t cause any loss but increase your privacy only. So make sure you utilize this platform’s full potential and enable it. The rest depends on your preference. 

What to Do If Vendors Try to Scam You? 

Before you start disputing vendors, it’s important to consider the fact that you’re on the darknet. That means you can’t trust anyone that easily. So, it’s highly recommended to avoid beginner level vendors. 

The reason being, your dispute won’t cause much harm to these tricksters. As far as we know, Tor2Door can only disable their account. The money will still be in their pockets. On the contrary, a well-known vendor would care about their reputation. 

Even after all of this if it feels like you have been scammed, just know that Tor2Door market has a 14-day escrow period for physical products and 48 hours for digital. The vendor has 2 chances to extend their extension period by 5 days, which equals 10 days actually. 

This extension feature is available to the vendor on the 9th day, considering that date when it was marked shipped. 

Before you open a dispute, you should know 2 things. First, talk to the seller via DM to sort out whatever problem you’re having. Second, never Finalize Early or FE your order. If that’s done, even Tor2Door won’t be able to do anything for you. In that case, the only option of yours would still be DM. But, that won’t matter much to the vendor because they already received your funds. 

Become a Vendor 

Before you become a vendor, you have to comply with 8 different rules. Apart from that, you have to pay a $500 bond to become a vendor.

If you want to know the entire process, please check this guide to become a seller on Tor2Door. That would help you from start to end.