Tor2door Market History

Tor2Door started in 2021 as one of the biggest rivals amongst the darknet marketplace. More importantly, it has been a perfect place for Alphabay and World Market refugees with a listing of 12,000+ items. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals or hacking guides, everything is available here. Last time we checked, there was even a guide that can help people learn the process of selling drugs on the darknet markets which included the shipping methods as well. 

So far, if we take a look at the past experience of darknet users on Tor2Door, it’s clear that Tor2Door is made for beginners. From setting up PGP 2FA to going through navigation, everything is easier. Not only this, users don’t need to deal with insane captchas during the registration process. 

Even though this marketplace is for beginners, the vendors we might see here are on various popular darknet marketplaces too, which proves the fact that Tor2Door is quite famous already. For instance, Heart Kidnapper and We Are Amsterdam both are quite popular on various markets, especially Dread forum. 

If we talk about the reputation of this marketplace, you might get mixed reviews online. Some say they have scammed people while others consider it a great place for illicit items. Those who say it’s a scam are those who don’t know much about the darknet world. On the contrary, those who have been buying from darknet marketplaces very well know that not all vendors are legit. Whether you’re going to be scammed or not pretty much depends on your knowledge and experience as a darknet user. 

As far as we know, Tor2Door doesn’t scam its customers. Otherwise, its vendors wouldn’t have been in the news. All in all, this is a real market where real deals happen every single day.