About Tor2door Market

 Tor2Door is a darknet marketplace that was introduced in 2021. Within 2 years, we can see it ranking among one of the biggest markets with more than 12,000 items, ranging from drugs to digital products and services such as software, guides and hosting. 

One thing that makes Tor2Door stand out is you don’t need a captcha-solving mind to make an account here. If you’re someone who has never been on a darknet market before, believe it or not this would be the best place for you to get started. 

One great thing about Tor2Door is that this marketplace was made to be extremely navigable for newcomers. Apart from this, what makes Tor2Door special among others is its simple orange design and the stats panel from where you can get every bit of information about your account. 

For sellers and buyers, this darknet market has reached a level where millions of people would vote for it as one of the safest darknet markets. They have implemented PGP, a method for encrypting and decrypting digital data, and 2 factor authentication for users and vendors, which eventually brings a more secure environment. 

Users can pay using Bitcoin or Monero, two popular cryptocurrencies that help protect a user’s identity because the transactions are made privately between only two parties involved. Also, they give multisig transactions with Bitcoin, which means that transactions require multiple approvals before they can be completed, giving them an extra layer of safety. 

Once a vendor joins the marketplace, they will need to pay a 300 dollar bond. However, if he/she happens to be a reputable vendor, the vendors can waive the bond fee. As soon as you are a vendor, you can take advantage of the Tor2Door affiliate program where 40% of profits are credited to your account.